Ben Rosen

Highlights From The Joey Gladstone Episode Of WTF With Marc Maron


Gladstone: Well, I remember talking to you one time backstage at Luna-
Maron: Oh god, what did I say?
Gladstone: -and I had just killed with my Popeye impression, you know, the thing that made me famous, best Popeye in the biz, and you pulled me aside and you said, “So when’s the audience gonna meet YOU?”
Maron: I didn’t!
Gladstone: You did! I thought you hated me!


Gladstone: And then when you moved to San Francisco, you wouldn’t do a set at my benefit for the Smash Club. You refused.
Maron: It wasn’t my scene man. I don’t know.
Gladstone: But you still crashed at my house with that girl.
Maron: Oh right, that chick.
Gladstone: And I was like, [Kermit the Frog voice] “Um, excuse me? [Pee Wee Herman voice] This is my playhouse, man. HA HA! [Bill Cosby voice] But can I get you big juicy bowl of Jello?”
Maron: Mmhm.


Maron: So you’re one of the well-adjusted guys.
Gladstone: Cut. It. Out! What does that even mean, Marc?
Maron: You’ve got it together, come on.
Gladstone: I’ve had my struggles. Had no job. Lost on Star Search. Lived in a basement for a while with a weird mannequin in a Red Wings jersey.
Maron: Got a wife now?
Gladstone: Yeah, beautiful wife - Kimmy. You met her at that party that one time.
Maron: With the feet?
Gladstone: The feet have gotten better.


Maron: All right, man, well thanks for stopping by the garage.
Gladstone: Thanks for having me - I’m glad we got to clear the air.
Maron: Are we cool?
Gladstone: We’re cool. We’re ve- [pulls mic away from mouth, his voice trails off, then returns] -ry cool.

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